SOUNDS & FURIES presents


Saturday December 20th
Sunday December 21st

11 am to 5 pm
(now closing an hour earlier!)
Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street, Vancouver


If you wish to be a vendor at this unique market, please complete the application below.

Application in Word

Application in .pdf

Once you are accepted as a vendor, you have the option of paying your registration fee via PayPal (note service fees are included). Do not pay the registration until you receive notice your application has been accepted.

Weekend Fee

One Day Fee

For the past 21 years, the Women's Winter Faire has been a highly anticipated event: over 50 booths of creative, funky, beautiful, ecologically-sound and diverse items just waiting for you to give them a new home.

Loyal shoppers return to this popular event confident that they will find hand crafted items that delight the recipient and support women artisans and women's organizations. New shoppers discover the feel of a bustling village square where friends meet, greet, eat and shop.

With an in-house cafe, background music and a vibrancy that rocks the hall, the beautiful Heritage Hall is transformed into a holiday time destination that beats the mall hands down.

In addition to creating community, the Women's Winter Faire gives generously to the community. Over the past two decades, the door donation has raised over $105,000 for local and worldwide grassroots organizations who oftentimes have less than adequate funding resources. (A list of recipient groups can be viewed at the bottom of this page). Volunteers help out at the Faire and become part of the team; in exchange, their organizations receive funds, it's a collaborative effort that works!

The Women's Winter Faire was launched in 1994 when Pat Hogan, co-founder of Sounds & Furies Productions, was urged by friends to do something "like they're doing in San Francisco" -- a HUGE women's annual market. And so she did...but not on the same scale! The original 'cast' of artisans were the same women (and more) who helped kick-off the newly-founded Sounds & Furies at the WISE Hall during Gay Games 1990. Many of these women later sold their works at Josephine's, an East Vancouver coffee house which Pat opened. They were/are a band of wild women, ready to jump on the traveling arts & crafts show!

Each year we ask for a door donation of $3 - $5 to aid a local organization.

Over $105,000 has been raised since the inception of the Women's Winter Faire for these organizations:

At the Faire you can expect to find:

* Quality crafts and artwork

*One-of-a-kind items

*A wide range of gifts and prices

*Over 500 visitors daily

*An in-house cafe serving scrumptious food -- a haven for weary shoppers.

*A Social Event that offers more than shopping -- but that too!

Friendly vendors and staff

The annual Women's Winter Faire is all about bringing communities and friends together to celebrate and support women's creativity, art, businesses.

Quotes from Happy Participating Craftswomen and Fairegoers!

"Not like any other Faire I've been to; it's my first but not last visit!"

"This is my favorite event each year; I wouldn't miss it"

"I do 23 shows a year but this was one of the best organized, relaxed and well attended and friendly people willing to help each other. I WILL DO BOTH SHOWS NEXT YEAR." Maria

"I loved vendoring this craft market and knowing it is also contributing to a worthy organization is great. I found the quality of vendors to be the best I had seen... there was a real sense of camaraderie amongst the vendors and staff. My jewellery did really well and I got such positive feedback from people that inspired and encouraged me. Thank you." Irit Sorokin

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