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WELCOME to Sounds & Furies Productions!

Sounds & Furies is a small yet diversified business producing concerts, workshops, retreats and special events throughout the year, mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My name is Pat Hogan, the producer, schemer and dreamer of Sounds & Furies' events. There are many people behind the scenes as well who contribute in so many ways. My thanks to all past, present and future volunteers and supporters. Sounds & Furies wouldn't happen without you!


BOLDFest 2016:

It will be the 12th year for this wonderful festival for BOLD, OLDER LESBIANS & DYKES plus their friends. This year join us for the fun activities, thought provoking workshops and meeting some amazing women. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of attending BOLDFest, be sure to check out the BOLDFest website and see what you've been missing!

In addition to the regular programming, entertainment will be provided by QUEER AS FUNK, Vancouver's hot 10-piece band who will be groovin' with Soul, MoTown and Funk Dance Music on Saturday night, September 3.

Be there or be square!


And if that wasn't enough, Sunday September 4th Lucie Blue Tremblay will perform in concert. You won't want to miss this talented entertainer.

Join our newsletter by simply clicking the button on the home page and you'll get our updates as soon as we know. And don't forget, we are always available at info@boldfest.com.

Send us your questions and/or suggestions on what you'd like to see - after all, BOLDFest is YOUR event.



The warm and wonderful days of summer are upon us at last! But we know many talented crafters and artisans who are already looking forward to the 23rd Annual Women's Winter Faire. If you want to be a vendor at this year's event, good news, the application form is now online on our Faire Page.

All About Community:

Occasionally, a Sounds & Furies event works in collaboration with a community group to raise money for worthwhile organizations. Each Sounds & Furies event has a particular ambience, whether an evening, weekend or week long event. For these moments in time, we come together to share a pleasurable evening of entertainment or a workshop focusing on our common interests or concerns. THIS is the heart and soul of Sounds & Furies -- friendships, alliances , common political and cultural interests. Together, we create community.

What communities?

  • the women's community
  • the LGBT community
  • the folk music community
  • the Wiccan community
  • the arts community
  • the environmental community
  • the service-oriented and healing communities

  • And other groups and individuals who care about the well being of others and planet Earth.

The pages on this website reflect the breadth of Sounds & Furies activities. Please visit them all. Your questions or concerns are welcomed. You can contact me at soundsfuries@shaw.ca.

Sounds & Furies Email List!

Want to be the first to know of the concerts, workshops, journeys and more that we organize throughout the year? Simply email soundsfuries@shaw.ca and we will add you to our email list. And of course you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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