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WELCOME to Sounds & Furies Productions!

Sounds & Furies is a small yet diversified business producing concerts, workshops, retreats and special events throughout the year, mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My name is Pat Hogan, the producer, schemer and dreamer of Sounds & Furies' events. There are many people behind the scenes as well who contribute in so many ways. My thanks to all past, present and future volunteers and supporters. Sounds & Furies wouldn't happen without you!

Sounds & Furies' concerts feature established musicians like Ferron, Heather Bishop,Cris Williamson and Ellen McIlwaine plus many other known and lesser known performers, including young and upcoming artists. Our comedy shows have highlighted the very funny talents of Elvira Kurt, Kate Clinton, Suzanne Westenhoefer and more.

BOLDFest 2015


The 10th Anniversary of BOLDFest was held September 4-7, 2014 and it was a BLAST. For 2014 we celebrated the theme "50 years of lesbian lives and culture." Some of the highlights were:

- a concert with Cris Williamson

- Bold Woman Award of the Year for Margy Lesher, co- founder of The Lesbian Connection, the longest running international lesbian publication

- a MichFest retrospective

Now we're already busy planning for next year's conference to make it even better - and that's no easy task as we've set the bar pretty high! Join us for the 11th Annual BOLDFest - A North American Lesbian Experience! The dates are set: September 10-13, 2015 - mark your calendars! This year's theme, SHE WHO LAUGHS, LASTS!!

Head over to BOLDFest.com for information on this must attend event. Join our newsletter by simply clicking the button on the home page and you'll get our updates as soon as we know. And don't forget, we are always available at info@boldfest.com. Send us your questions and/or suggestions on what you'd like to see - after all, BOLDFest is YOUR event.


2015 will be the 22nd ANNUAL WOMEN'S WINTER FAIRE!! That's right, for 21 years we've been bringing you the finest in women crafted, unique gift ideas. From handmade, stylish garments, to gorgeous jewelery to locally produced, gourmet foods, the Faire offers something appealing for a variety of interests and budgets. Fairegoers and vendors alike had a wonderful time at the beautiful Heritage Hall. Many have said they are already looking forward to the 22nd Annual Women's Winter Faire. Book the dates now on your calendars! We'll be there Saturday & Sunday December 19 and 20, 2015.


Each year our door donation goes to support a different charity or charities. In 2014, the generousity of our fairegoers raised $1450 for Rainbow Refugee Committee (helping those seeking refugee protection because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status) and $1350 for the John Howard Society Community Living British Columbia (working with families with disabilities). Thanks to you all!!

For more information on the Faire, check out the Faire Page.


For those of you who missed Jami Sieber's amazing concert in October, you can see footage on YouTube just by clicking here. You can catch review of our past concerts on our review page.

For local businesses and organizations who want to target their advertising to the Sounds & Furies audiences, we are pleased to offer a customized and very affordable sponsorship program.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at Sounds & Furies concerts or other events, please see the information on the concert page.

Our workshops and retreats focus on topics ranging from drumming to dream exploration, Wicca, author readings and films.

Occasionally, a Sounds & Furies event works in collaboration with a community group to raise money for worthwhile organizations.

Each Sounds & Furies event has a particular ambience, whether an evening, weekend or week long event. For these moments in time, we come together to share a pleasurable evening of entertainment or a workshop focusing on our common interests or concerns. THIS is the heart and soul of Sounds & Furies -- friendships, alliances , common political and cultural interests. Together, we create community.

What communities?

  • the women's communit
  • the LGBT community
  • the folk music community
  • the Wiccan community
  • the arts community
  • the environmental community
  • the service-oriented and healing communities

  • And other groups and individuals who care about the well being of others and planet Earth.

The pages on this website reflect the breadth of Sounds & Furies activities. Please visit them all. Your questions or concerns are welcomed. You can contact me at soundsfuries@shaw.ca.

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